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Information for Clinical Facilities

  What is an IACCC Facility???

An IACCC facility is one who takes students from 2 or more IACCC schools AND schedule their students through the IACCC combined mailing.



Any Facility that takes students from at least two Southern California PT Programs can sign up through IACCC for student interns.

After you have completed the forms please EMAIL the completed form to IACCC@EXXAT.com 


IACCC also serves the PTA community. The links below will help clarify supervision under current regulations.

California Guidelines for PTA Student Supervision

PTA students

Levels of Supervision

PTA Supervision

Direction of the PTA

PTA Direction


IACCC received many questions regarding Supervison of PT Students in the clinic. The links below will help clarify supervision under current regulations.

California Laws - Guidelines for PT Students Supervision:

Laws for PT Students

Medicare Part B - Guidelines for PT Services by Students:

Medicare Guide to Student Supervision

Clinical Education Special Interest Group - Position on Students Contacting Sites 

CESIG-Student Contacting Sites 

**Updates with CMS and Role of Students within Inpatient facilities**

December 2018 Medicare Statement

CMS Clarification 2018.pdf

ACAPT National Consortium of Clinical Educators

Educational Institution Members

Azusa Pacific University

Concorde Career College - Garden Grove

Concorde Career College - North Hollywood

Concorde Career College - San Diego

Cerritos College

Chapman University

Casa Loma College

California State University Long Beach

California State University Northridge

Loma Linda University DPT & PTA

Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles

San Diego Mesa College

San Diego State University

Stanbridge College

University of St. Augustine

University of Southern California

Western University of Health Sciences

West Coast University

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