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Each year the members of the Intercollegiate Academic Clinical Coordinator Council (IACCC) awards

         $2,500 each to two physical therapist students

         $1,500 to one physical therapist assistant student                  

  •  These scholarships are based on merit, and are awarded to students who have completed their first fulltime affiliation (a minimum of five weeks) as part of their physical therapy education. 

  • Each participating IACCC program may submit two Student Physical Therapist or two Student Physical Therapist Assistant nominations to the Selection Committee, composed of clinicians and department directors from IACCC clinical education centers, and/or former Scholarship recipients.

  • Down Load Application here  PENDING  

Procedure For Application

Applications will be disseminated and collected by the IACCC member serving as the Scholarship Liaison with the Selection Committee.  The applicants, to be considered a candidate, must follow the following dates:

 Checklist                                                                                   Deadline Dates

Forms Available After completion of first affiliation                   After completion of first affiliation

Completed forms to program  ACCE/DCE                                     TBD

Program submits two nominations                                                  January 

Recipients selected                                                                               February 

Check awarded                                                                                      March 

The application must include the following materials:

  • Completed application form (including professional, school and charitable 
  • contributions limited to the past three years)
  • Typed essay on subject selected yearly by IACCC
  • Copy of the Summary of CPI Form completed by CI
  • Scholarship recommendation form filled in by clinical instructor of first affiliation
  • Verification of APTA membership
  • Verification of Grade Point Average, number of units in completed classes and units in remaining classes for completion of program

NOTE: All materials must be typed (except for the CPI information).                                             

                       Selection Criteria
Composed of the following weighted point system:

                 Criteria                                                                        Maximum Points

Essay                                                                                                                        30

Clinical Evaluation and Recommendation                                                      30

Leadership Activities                                                                                            20

GPA in professional program (GPA multiplied by 5)                                    20

                                                                                 Total Points                        100


ESSAY             30 points

                        See enclosed grading rubric scales; use point scale and multiply score by 5

GPA                     20 points

                        Multiply GPA by 5


20 points (see rating scale below)

            Consider quantity, diversity, breadth/depth, and level of involvement or leadership


                        30 points (see rating scale below)

                        Clinical Evaluation by CI (CPI)

                        Letter of Recommendation

Please use the following scales for awarding points for Leadership and Recommendation:

                 Rating                    Leadership           Recommendation

                 Impressive                       20                                                 30

                 Very good                         15                                                 22.5

                 Average                             10                                                 15

                 Below average                  5                                                   7.5

                 Non-impressive                0                                                    0

Committee Selection and Responsibilities
A committee of five members will be formed from physical therapy professionals including members of CEF, APTA members from surrounding counties who are familiar with and support the IACCC consortium, and former recipients of the scholarship.  Selection and replacement of these members will be coordinated by the IACCC ex-officio liaison.  Ideally, each member will serve for two years.

The committee responsibilities will include:

  • Individually review all applications received from programs.

  • Determine total score for each application based on point system devised by IACCC.

  • Meet with all committee members present to select recipients based on the combined total scores.         

  • Inform IACCC scholarship liaison of recipients selected

IACCC provides an ex-officio liaison to assist the committee in carrying out assigned responsibilities.  This person will not vote, nor will s/he enter into a debate of the selection process.


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